Level 2:

What to expect when we are at Level 2
coming to Sorrento Skin
On arrival, you will be unable to enter Sorrento Skin if you have any COVID19 symptoms. Please ensure you are wearing a face mask, if you do not have a face mask we can provide you with a disposable one. 
Once you enter you will be required to sanitise your hands and sign in using the COVID tracer app or fill out our manual contact tracing register.
You will also have to adhere to the physical distancing requirements of Level 2, which is 2 meters. After filling out the contact tracing register. You are able to take a seat in our waiting area and your therapist will come and get you for your appointment.
At the end of your appointment, you can pay at the reception desk and rebook your next appointments. 

Please use the hand sanitisers available.
We will ensure that all high touch surfaces will be sanitised after clients.
We will follow our health and safety guidelines regarding clinic and equipment sterilisation.
We are unable to provide water or magazines in waiting areas. So please bring a water bottle if you need to.
We also ask that you come to your appointments alone.
We look forward to seeing you!