Relax and enjoy the beneficial effects of Swedish Massage

Half hour Power Massage

$60/ 30mins

Feel relaxed and tension free with our 30min Power Massage concentrating on your back for a quick pick me up.

Sorrento Full Body Massage

$140/ 75mins

This massage will leave you feeling balanced and restored. 

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

$85 / 45mins

Feel the tension disappear as aromatic oils bring about ultimate relaxation. 

Specific Tension Massage 

$105/ 1hr

Relax and help relave tension with an hour-long treatment concentrating on your specific areas of tension.

Expectant Mothers

At Sorrento we have a range of pregnancy and post pregnancy treatments. It is important to us that you choose treatments to suit your individual needs. Please contact us to book your complimentary consultation to ensure we tailor a treatment plan just right for you.  

Luxurious Body Treatments

Body Exfoliation and Moisturise

$130/ 1hr

A full-body rejuvenation treatment to leave your skin feel smooth and hydrated

Back Treatments/ Facials 

We offer a range of back treatments using our O Cosmedics range. Please inquire as pricing and treatment times vary depending on concerns.