This oil-free hydrating formula is ideal for dehydrated skins and those wanting to amplify their telomerase activating, anti-aging results.


Containing TAM-818 the worlds most potent and unique telomerase activating ingredient, which has the power to re-lengthen telomeres and un-do ageing at a cellular level.

Including niacinamide, a powerful anti-aging ingredient, which improves enlarged pores and uneven skin tones and hyaluronic acid to restore hydration levels 

One Truth 818 Atomiser

    • To reverse the signs of ageing, naturally and Oil-free.
    • Anti-ageing FAST (spritz 3-4 times daily. Activating telomerase frequently shows faster results).
    • Acne (activating telmerase has been shown to accelerate the healing prosses)
    • Rosacea with oily skin. The perfect alternative if One Truth 818 serum is not appropriate.
    • Refresh and hydrate