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A NZ based boutique skincare company with a conscience, Juvenate is founded on a philosophy of product integrity, innovative technology and pushing the boundaries within the personal care industry to get results - safely!

The Juvenate range includes advanced self-regenerative plant stem cells, neuro-peptides, new generation vitamins and minerals and bio-active botanicals - all clinically tested and proven to deliver effective results.  We are using advanced actives not yet seen before in Australasia.


Juvenate's high performing products contain NO harsh or even questionable chemicals and are Vegan, Cruely-free and Sustainably and Ethically produced.

Product Of The Month

Purchase any OCosmedics or G&M Neuro Product and then receive 10% off the Product of the Month(SK1N Foundation)


Product Of The Month: SK1N Foundation

       High performing, build-able and long-wear natural foundation where silicone's have been replaced by natural textures, designed to hydrate and protect the skin with a velvety finish.

·        The formulation is enhanced by desert date oil, known for its hydrating, nourishing and purifying benefits.

Ingredients are 98% natural, 20% of the formula is an organic fruit extract, to help fight environmental stress as well as repair skin and support firmness and elasticity, collagen and elastin synthesis.

Best Paired with: Mineral Pro SPF 30+

Mineral Pro SPF 30+ is a daily moisturiser and mineral zinc sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection.

This lightweight and fast absorbing formula dries to a clear or tinted finish

Great to be paired with the SK1N foundation to make sure you are getting all the SPF protection you need before putting on your foundation.

Tailored Skin Care Program


Come in and start a 12 month Skin Care Program tailored specifically for your skin!

When starting your program you get a great starting deal
You get 3 full-size products : Cleaner, Serum and a Hydrator that will suit your skin type and a (45min) OCosmedics Pumpkin Enzyme Peel for $340 saving you $126 when you join a Skin Care Program

 Vouchers aren't redeemable with this promotions

Below is a before and after Video of a client who is currently on a skin care program.

*this result is from changing to a product best suited for this clients skin, one IPL session and one Dermapen session. (photos taken 3 months apart)

If you are wanting to have a skin plan made for you or to learn more about it call us on (04)5626000 or Email us at